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Around the World #1 – with Rebecca Banky

Under the Name of “Dice & Duty – Around the World“ we record our English speaking Podcast-Format for Warmachine & Hordes. Our Goal is networking for the Warmachine-Community around the Globe, which is the reason for a second Podcast in English. With Guests from all over the World and switching Co-Hosts our Main Host Candy.Trash aka Pascal will entertain you regularly.

We are very proud to have a very popular Person of the Warmachine & Hordes Community for this first international Episode with us – Rebecca Banky of Arcane Assist!

If you even decide to support us via Patreon, you also get exclusive Access to the second Part of the Podcast with Rebecca, as well as early Access to all other Content we produce and more Patreon Exclusive Content to come in the near Future.

Shout Out of Course to our Colleagues from Arcane Assist! If you don’t know their awesome Content, check them out on their Youtube Channel!

Intro und Outro zur Verfügung gestellt von: https://www.musicfox.com